How Harrisons Are Supporting Holding On Letting Go

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It’s no secret that the pandemic has lead so much change, and that is no different when it comes to how local charity Holding On Letting Go have seen their referrals go. Through the uncertain years just passed, bereavement has never stopped, but how it has been affected has been significant.
Holding On Letting Go received a staggering amount of referrals since Covid, not due to more deaths, but because of how bereavement has been affected in general. Holding On Letting Go supported a lot of whole families in this time, and as other services were not available, their focus was to ensure the well being of those who reached out to them during the difficult time because like Covid, grief was still unavoidable.
Harrisons hugely support the Holding On Letting Go charity and cares a great deal about its staff, users and reason for existence. We work hard as an estate agents and an incentive for our work is knowing that £50 from every house completed goes straight to this unique and essential service
In addition to this, over £1680 has been raised with Viv’s charity walk, Ryan completing a charity bike ride, a raffle and a Christmas toys appeal. We couldn’t be more proud of being able to contribute to Holding On Letting Go, and hey have a special place in our hearts.

What Holding On Letting Go Do

Holding On Letting Go are a Kent-based charity that helps children and supports them with the death of somebody close to them. Often they see children who have lost a parent, sibling, grandparent or friend. There can be traumatic and very sudden circumstances surrounding their bereavement, and Holding On Letting Go are fully trained to help support the emotional needs of those who come to them for help.

Resuming Services for Holding On Letting Go

Bereavement weekends are free to children and their families and are staffed by trained volunteers who work for Holding On Letting Go. At these wonderful settings, children are encouraged to share their feelings in a nurtured and safe place, and begin to navigate their loss through the asking of questions and the development of new strategies to help with their emotions.
Weekends are full of musical and creative activities which are specifically designed to blend the holding on of memories of their loved ones together with the learning to let go of the sadness. Each child goes away at the end of the weekend with a special memory box full of things they have made to help them remember their loved one.
These weekends are a great way for children and their families to meet others who are grieving to be listened to be people who fully understand their difficult experience.
Thankfully, Holding On Letting Go are now in a place where these weekends can resume safely in order to begin to help the wider community., and we couldn’t be happier to hear about it.


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