No to Sole Agency Contracts

Comparing Agents   |   September 28, 2022   |   Liz


If an estate agent is doing their job correctly, why do they need to tie you into lengthy sole agency contracts? Harrisons do not tie you into a contract, we don’t believe we need to as we deliver the service we’ve promised. If our clients are not happy with that service, then why would we want to force them to sell through us?
Our relationships at Harrisons are all based on trust. Our vendors trust us to sell their house for the best possible price in the current market. They also trust that we will be honest and open throughout the entire process.
In return we expect that our clients will be open and honest with us, and we trust that they believe that we are professionals that know how to get the best price, in the shortest time for their sale.
It’s because of this mutual trust, that we don’t see the need to tie our clients into a lengthy, sole agency agreement.

We don’t think it’s fair

If we are doing our job right, we will have valued your house correctly, be marketing it to relevant and proceed-able buyers.  We’ll be keeping you updated, communicating feedback and explaining what this means. We will be booking and conducting viewings. Then handling and negotiating offers on your behalf.
If we are doing all of that, why would you want to move to another agent? We don’t need to tie you into a lengthy contract, because we give our clients the service we promised when we first went out to discuss the property going onto the market.
By making clients sign a 12 weeks or longer contracts, agents are just saying “we don’t trust you not to switch agents” to their vendors. Sadly, many agents are targeted on winning new business rather than making a sale. One of the easiest ways get new business is by approaching sellers who have houses are already on the market.
If you have sold a property before, you will know that once you put your home on the market, there is a flood of letters, fliers, and in some cases even a knock on the door from an agent enquiring about how your sale is going?
We trust that our vendors will say a polite “thanks but no thanks” to any agents that contact them as they have put their trust in Harrisons.
Before you tie into a sole agency contract, contact Harrisons


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