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Island 10K – Chris and Lizzie Did It!

Harrisons own Chris and his wife Lizzie successfully completed the Island Run 10km in Sheerness recently to raise money for local charity, Holding On Letting Go. It is one of a series of challenges Chris is undertaking this year to help fund a vital service to the community.

‘Another One Bites The Dust’

Another running challenge has been ticked off the list of our Chris, when on Sunday 4th June, he crossed the line after journeying the 10km on the Isle of Sheppey. On proud completion, he awaited the arrival of Lizzie who joined him not long after, with both smashing their targets.

Chris had a target of 45 minutes and completed his race in 44m 06 sec, whilst Lizzie had a target of 1 hr 05 min and absolutely blew us all away with coming in at 58 mins 39 sec! This was Lizzie’s first ever 10km, so to say the team at Harrisons are proud is an understatement! 

The weather certainly helped, with the morning cloud coverage keeping conditions cool, and they both had a fantastic time running. Of course – the knowledge that they were running to raise money for Holding On Letting Go made the process a whole lot easier.

Charity Run

GoFundMe – Help With Any Donation You Can

Chris has a Miles For Smiles GoFundMe page that he has open for his various challenges, and we want to take this opportunity to ask that you donate what you can to help him raise as much money as possible for Holding On Letting Go, so that the charity can carry on making sure those affected by grief feel a little more understood, and a lot more supported. 

Chris has been raising money for Holding On Letting Go since 2020, and doesn’t want to stop any time soon. As of June 2023, he has helped raise over £23,000, which is outstanding. And this is just the beginning…

Training Begins for the Big One

That’s right – Chris has just started a mammoth 12 week training schedule for his first ever marathon, details of which to be confirmed closer to the time. Understandably, this is a huge commitment, and the amount of work and effort involved in maintaining fitness levels to complete such a challenge is going to be something Chris never forgets. 

His appreciation towards any and all donations far outweighs the blood, sweat and tears that will see him over this colossal finish line, but with your help and encouragement, he is going to really ensure that Holding On Letting Go sees incredible contributions flooding in. 

If you want to donate to Chris’ GoFundMe page, please click here to do so. 

A Thank You From Chris

Chris would like to take this opportunity to offer those who have already donated a huge thank you. Times are tough at the moment with rising costs, so every penny you donate really doesn’t go unnoticed and is very much appreciated. 

Charities such as Holding On letting Go are imperative to the community, and to the wellbeing of the young and their families. They aren’t ‘given’ money, and all the people who are associated with it, are there on a voluntary basis. Now more than ever, we need to maintain a high level of support so that they can deliver their life changing work to those who need it. 

Thank you once more – and let’s move onto the next race.

3…2…1…. GO!



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