Dog Walking Month? Time for Walkies!

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Dog Walking MinsterDog Walking Month? Time for Walkies!


January is Dog Walking Month and a great excuse to restart those healthy habits, and think about enjoying being in the great outdoors.

It comes as no surprise then, that January also doubles up as Walk Your Dog Month.

Benefits for you too!

  • Good for the heart

It’s so important to keep your heart in perfect condition, as it is responsible for pumping blood and oxygen around the body to all areas and organs. Walking will strengthen your heart and reduce the risk of heart disease and strokes.

If you walked for 30 minutes per day, you can reduce your risk of stroke by 27%, which is pretty amazing. It also allows your body to swap the bad cholesterol for the good.

  • Walking aids in weight loss

 Walking at around 2mpth for 30 minutes, you will burn around 75 calories, which equates to an incredible 7 lbs per year!

  • Walking allows you heightened energy levels

That familiar feeling of lethargy in January is particularly strong, so getting out and about will boost those energy levels, and leave you wanting more. This will help you feel more alert and awake.

  • Walking can decrease your risk of dementia

Dog walking LeysdownAn older person who walks six or more miles a week is far less likely to suffer from problems such as dementia. The simple reason is that walking has actually been proven to prevent your brain from shrinking.

  • Walking increases your Vitamin D intake

Lots of people here in the UK are Vitamin D deficient, so it is important to increase your levels by getting outside as much as possible. Great for one health and your immune system, there are always such healthy advantages to walking your dog.

And last but not least…

Walking makes you happy!


Whereabouts in Swale can you walk your dog?


  • Milton Creek

Milton Creek is a tranquil area that so many dog walkers like to go. With so much open space and paths leading all over the park and down to the creek, you can use it to join up the Swale Heritage or the Saxon Shore Way if you so wish, or stay creekside for equally beautiful views and friendly visitors. The paths are great for walking, with picnic areas if you fancied taking a coffee and a bagel with you during your walk. (For you, not the dog!)

The Country Park was for the first time ever given a Green Flag Award in 2022. This means it has been recognised as one of the country’s finest parks – making it great for dog walkers.

The green space offers a tranquil oasis from the industrial parks that are nearby, and with 128 acres to play with, you are sure to love the ambiance with your four-legged friend.

  •  King George Playing Field

King George Playing Field is a fantastic family place to go with your dog. Enjoy the grassy areas and play ball, then enjoy a hot drink at the café afterward.

It is a lovely space, popular with dog walkers who live in the town and cannot perhaps have easier access to more rural locations.

  • Borden

Dog walking SittingbourneIn the heart of Borden village, you’ll find a large green park. Play a couple of games of fetch here, or keep on following the hill down to the right and discover the peaceful routes through fields and nature reserves.

  • Rose Hill Woods

Rose Hill Woods steeply rises up behind Gore park, with wide pathways under gorgeous, mature trees. These woods are very popular with dog walkers. There is plenty of parking in the park below.


Isle of Sheppey

  • Swale National Nature Reserve

Swale National Nature Reserve is certainly a beautiful area to take your dog for a walk. Along the way, you are bound to spot lots of wildlife and is a favourite amongst many.

If walking under big skies is your thing, Swale Nature Reserve is definitely for you, with several paths around the north side of the reserve.

  •  Barton’s Point Coastal Park, Sheerness

Barton’s Point Coastal Park features 40 acres of outstanding beauty, with nice tracks along the canal and a lake. It is a wonderful, grassy area for dog walking, and is popular with many who do so.


  • Minster Leas Beach

Minster Leas Beach is a great place to go with your dogs, although it is worth noting that dogs are banned in the actual beach from the east side of the Lifeguard Station on the seafront opposite the Playa Public House eastwards to an imaginary line at 90 degrees from the west side of the vehicle ramp leading to the beach opposite the Little Oyster Cafe, between May 1st and September 30th each year.

Many dog walkers choose to take their dogs here, so if canine socialising is your thing, or indeed your dogs, then Minster Leas Beach is perfect.



  • Gunpowder Works

The Gunpowder Works have opening hours of 9-5 (weekdays) and 10:30-4:30 (weekends and public holidays).

Dog Walking SwaleThe surfaces walking trails around the site are colour coded and lead around through the woodland, passing the remains of the old gunpowder buildings.

The Gunpowder Works is a dog-friendly woodland area, with nearby lakes and gorgeous serenity. The walks differ in duration, so pick the one best for you when you get there via the colour-coded information points.

  • Faversham Creek

Trot through the mud flats and corridors of reed beds and salt marsh with a walk that is so good for the soul, and will earn both you and your dog a nap afterward. The circular walk of Oare Creek takes about an hour and thirty minutes. It is a frequent visit of dog walkers due to the gorgeous space, views and a few pubs scattered along the way for refreshments – all of which are dog friendly.

  • Footsteps of Royalty and Romans Trail

One of the best walking routes in Swale is the Footsteps of Royalty and Romans Trail. At just over 6 miles, it starts in the market town of Faversham and takes you out into the countryside. Popular with dog walkers, you can pick up the circular track anywhere and head from town to rural life in just a few miles.

Believe it or not, the nights are gradually beginning to lighten, and before you know it, we will be met with the glorious shoots of spring. Until then, allow Dog Walking Month to be the catalyst for your fitness, as well as your dear pets!


Dog Walking Faversham


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