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Some exciting news, we have been shortlisted for an Agents Giving award in the category “Best Company Fundraising”
We are absolutely delighted to have made it this far. There are some fantastic agents that have also been shortlisted. We are really proud to have raised an incredible £11,450, to date, for Holding On Letting Go. A figure that continues to rise each month as we donate £50 from every sale that completes.
We have pledged to continue our support for them as the demand for their services has increased significantly over the past 18 months.
This wasn’t due to increased death rates within the population. It was due to the way that we were having to deal with death during a pandemic. Much of the grieving process has been restricted, from having a chance to say a final goodbye, to attending the funeral.
The support network that we usually access during loss isn’t available in the same way and this in turn has meant that children and many of their families have needed more support than ever.

Other Charity work

However, this isn’t all we have done for charity in the past 18 months, we have also:
Chris Ellis – Harrisons Managing Director, explains why an Agents Giving award is so special

“To me it’s giving something back. Our industry is known for a lot of negativity, however I/we are driven to making a difference in people’s lives and that’s not just selling their house. Since Covid, there’s been a lot of businesses and charities that have struggled and we wanted to do our bit to help where needed.  So we are not just taking, we are giving back. Holding On Letting Go was where it started. No child should have to go through dealing with loss, and if our contribution makes just a small difference to their lives, it’s worth every penny”

The winner will be announced at a charity ball hosted by Phil Spenser on 24th September.