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Buying a home is a big decision, but what if you fell in love with a home that was said to be haunted? Would You Buy A Haunted House?

It’s not something that estate agents have to think about too often, but some houses are harder to sell than others, due to some buyers superstitions.  Luckily we don’t have a road called Elm Street in Swale.  However, we do have plenty of houses numbered 13, some that are next to, or have a view of, a graveyard, which give many buyers the jitters.  Also, Faversham is believed to be the most haunted town in the UK.  And with the whole of Swale having such a rich and colourful history, the chances are a house that is believed to have a ghostly guest or two will come up for sale every now and then.

Would this put you off putting in an offer on your dream home?  We think there are a few pluses to buying home with a spirit in residence.  Read on, and then let us know, would you buy a haunted house?

You could save money

That homely feeling

Not all spirits are bad.  Having a ghost in residence, doesn’t mean your furniture will start flying around or things will go bump in the night.

We use the strapline “A house is a building, A home is a feeling”  Many buyers report having a feeling, a sense that they are ‘coming home’ when they view the house of their dreams.  What if that feeling is partially due to a spirit that has been waining for someone like you to come and share their space?  It could be like having a ghostly roommate.

A fantastic project

If you love a bit of research and history, a haunted house is perfect for you – assuming you want to know what’s behind the haunting. And it’s something you can involve your whole family in.  Finding out the history of your home can be addictive, even without a resident ghost.  You can find information out from local libraries and museums.  Join local social media groups.  Talk to your new neighbours and community to find out what they know. It’s also a great way to meet new people and make new friends.

Your Halloween parties will be epic

Who doesn’t want to visit a “haunted house” for Halloween?  If you have a spiritual resident or two, why not embrace them.  Get the pumpkins carved, the decorations out and invite some friends and neighbours over to have some spooky fun.

There you have it. We know there is a buyer for every home, even a haunted house can through up less problems than a home survey can.  So, the question is, would you buy a haunted house?