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Is market share important? and what does that mean?

If you were to invite five estate agents out to value your home we can almost guarantee that you will hear the following statements from at least one (probably several) of them.

  • Have market share in this postcode (plus graph)
  • We sell more houses than any other agent in your price bracket/area (probably accompanied by a graph)
  • Sold more houses than other agents (graph)
  • Sell fastest (another graph)
  • We sold a similar house on this road (nothing like your home)
  • Best value for money
  • We will negotiate on fees
  • Members of a group of buyers looking for exactly this type of property
  • Have a massive database of potential buyers that goes all over the UK
  • And our particular favourite, all agents market properties in the same way, it’s just we get better results.

It’s not surprising that it’s really difficult for vendors to make an informed choice on who is going to get you the best result on their house sale.

Not all estate agents are the same

The simple fact is, not all estate agents are the same, they vary wildly.  As do the individual needs of vendors and their reasons for selling.

Here at Harrisons, we really different.  We are not focused on numbers, market share or statistics.  Our business is about people, those that work in it, our suppliers and most of all our customers.  We build relationships and trust, and as such we invest time in these relationships and getting to understand the needs and requirements of each person.  This takes time and as such we aren’t interested in listing the most properties or having market share, we believe in listing and selling properties quickly not playing the numbers game, we work with people, not numbers.

The Harrisons Way

The Harrisons team trust and believe that we can get you the best possible result and as such, we believe we offer our clients the best value for money despite not being the cheapest agent out there.

We wont turn up at your home loaded with statistics and a snazzy presentation all about Harrisons and what we have done for other clients.  We will have a chat and listen to your needs, suggest ways forward and work out what we can do for you.

Our standard process for marketing your home is to market it discreatley for the first couple of weeks. We market to buyers that are able to proceed with a purchase.  To our social media followers and our online communities before it goes onto the online property portals.

We believe properties should currently sell within four weeks. Due to this, we will not tie our vendors into lengthy contracts.  We will negotiate offers on your behalf.  Will not be afraid to tell you if a lower offer is better in your individual circumstances (even if it means our commission is lower).

We recommend reservation agreements on all sales.  Giving buyers and vendors peace of mind that your sale will go through.

Plus, we will be there every step of the way, from instruction to competition.

For this, we charge a little more, but we believe we give you exceptional value for money.  We believe our clients would agree that we are worth that for the personal service, expert knowledge and unique way that Harrisons markets your home.

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