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Chris Ellis, Managing Director of Harrisons Homes explains the reasons behind our dynamic rebrand

“I began my career with Harrisons Residential in Rainham as a trainee negotiator in 2004. And, luckily for me, I found my vocation in life.  I progressed through the company quickly, and by 2007 I had moved to the Sittingbourne Branch as a senior negotiator.

At this time both branches were owned by different parties, and, despite trading under the same name, they had different values, systems and processes which ultimately lead to the two branches becoming two independent businesses.

I became a partner in Sittingbourne in 2012 and the full owner last year, I was aware that a shared name and website was confusing and I wanted to make changes to communicate that Harrisons in Sittingbourne is a single branch, independent estate agency.

I have truly loved working under the Harrisons Residential brand, I grew up within it and it has given me the opportunity to achieve my dream of owning my own business.  Harrisons Residential has been a trusted company since the 80’s, and I am proud of this. However, I wanted to move forward with the times and the brand was becoming restrictive of how I wanted to progress.

2020 was a year to be remembered and difficult for all, including myself, in regard to the continuing of the company.  With the goal of owning my own business achieved, I wanted a new challenge, of moving forward and enhancing an already high performing office into a more modern agency that is rooted in the local community, to do this I needed a rebrand.

The brief the rebrand was clear.  Bring the traditional values, which are imbedded into everything we do, and incorporate this with a more dynamic, modern, current estate agency feel. Reflect that we are investing in tech and new methods to improve the overall experience for our clients, who are our true focus and expect an outstanding customer service.  Celebrate our staff who are professionals and highly knowledgeable. Underline that we live and work in Sittingbourne and support the local community and businesses.

I’m delighted with the result, this is a brand fitting for a our business.  It’s bold, vibrant, clear and focused.  It reflects that we aren’t your typical estate agency, we do things differently (dare I say better?) Harrisons Homes is a brand to be proud of; it’s values, it’s innovations, it’s people, it’s location and of course that it’s a business that truly gives back by supporting local charities.

Harrisons Homes is a brand fitting for a business that will continue to deliver the outstanding service you have come to expect from us as we look forward to 2021 and beyond.