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You need to get your property valued?  You may have heard of our virtual valuation service but not really know what it is or why it would benefit you.

We offer three different types of valuations.  Instant, virtual and our face to face home valuation.

The Instant Valuation

Our instant valuation does exactly what it says.  Enter your address and number of bedrooms and our system will send you a instant figure giving you an indication of the value of your home based on local data and previous sales data.  It’s a good basic guide, but doesn’t take into account any home improvements you may have made or the standard of the finish.

To get a true idea of the value of any property we really need to physically see it to take into account your home improvements and how marketable your home is.

The Virtual Valuation

Having a face to face valuation isn’t always possible. Especially during these times of Covid and people needing to social distance.  It’s not always practical to have someone in your home.

Or, it may be, that you simply don’t want estate agents coming into your home, competing for your business.  You may want to take time to consider your sale before you go into the market.

Harrisons Homes have developed our virtual valuation service where you are able to submit details of your property including photos and a video if you wish.  You are able to highlight exactly what makes your home unique.  After you have submitted your details, a member of our team will contact you with our valuation.

There will be no hard sell, no pressure to sign up there and then.  We will send you marketing emails, which you can unsubscribe from at any time.

Stay in Control

Once you have an accurate valuation of what your property is worth, you can decide when and if you sell.  You won’t have us chasing you weekly, asking if you are ready to go onto the market yet.  If you want to get us out for a face to face valuation at a later date, you can.  However, this is not essential.  We are so confident in our virtual valuation that we can, if you wish, put your home up for sale without setting foot inside it.

If you would like to see for yourself how our virtual valuation works and give it a try, click on our virtual valuation tool