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How to get the best price for your home, may be something that is concerning you if you are thinking of moving home next year.  You may feel like you have missed out on the boom in house prices and demand that we have seen in 2021.  All of this talk of the rising cost of living, increases in mortgage rates and so on has got you feeling like you have missed out on getting the best price for your home.

House Prices in 2022

In our recent blog, “are property prices going down?” We discuss how the housing market is predicted to perform next year.  Even with these negative factors affecting affordability, house prices are still predicted to rise next year.

That said, anyone thinking of moving next year needs to be prepared and savvy about their sale.  To get the best price for your home, you need to be thinking about your sale now

When to be “sale ready”

Traditionally, the best time to sell your home is in the spring, winter is normally a slower period.  However, January is usually a very busy month for property listings.  In 2022 it’s probably best to look at the current market, rather than traditional trends.

To achieve the best price for your house next year, there is no doubt that you need have it listed for sale in the first quarter of the year.  This is when the highest rise in house prices will happen, before the affordability issues come into play.

If you want to maximise your chances of getting the best price for your home, start thinking and planning now by doing the following:

  • Gather together any house related paperwork.  Remember to include HM Land Registry title documents. Energy Performance certificate.  Gas and electrical safety checks.  Planning permission and building regulation completion certificates and builder’s guarantee certificates for alterations or additions.  FENSA or CERTAS certificates for windows. Subsidence guarantees/warranties. Damp guarantees/warranties. Party wall agreements (if relevant).  Any title insurance policies you may have taken out to solve title defects.
  • Estate agents and mortgage companies are required by law to check your identity to prevent money laundering.  Ensure you have the relevant ID documents.  You will need a photo proof of identity such as a drivers licence or passport.  Along with a proof of address such as a bank or utility statement.  A full list of acceptable ID documents can be found on the government website
  • Clear the clutter.  This can make a massive difference when selling a property.  Clear away all clutter to leave rooms feeling spacious and clean.  Consider putting some items into storage.
  • Consider your kerb appeal.  Houses do not look their best over the winter months.  However, it’s the perfect time to make a list of jobs to improve your jerk appeal.  Does anything need painting? Fix and clear getters. Does the garden need a tidy? do you need to wash nets and curtains?
  • Finish any unfinished DIY projects.  This may put off potential buyers.
  • Get finances in place.  With mortgage rates currently very low, get your mortgage in principal agreed.  This will give you an idea of your budget and put you in a good position once your home goes under offer.
  • Research estate agents.  Before you get a valuation on your home, it is important to make a shortlist of which agents are performing best in your local area

Getting valuations

Before putting your home on the market, invite your shortlist of agents to value your home.  With Coronavirus looking likely to be with us for a while yet, you may be uncomfortable inviting agents into your home.  Ask about socially distanced valuations, this will give you a good indication of your properties value before you go onto the market.

When to put your home onto the market to get the best price

In order to get the best price possible for your home in 2022, ideally you want to sell it within the first quarter of the year.  Good estate agents are currently selling houses in just over two weeks on average.  Therefore, the ideal time to start marketing your home is January, certainly no later than mid February.

To prevent any disappointment, ensure you do not have a contract of longer than four weeks with any estate agent.  If an agent is confident in their valuation, they will not tie you into a long contract length.  If your home doesn’t sell quickly, ensure your agent is being proactive, marketing to active buyers and not just to those on the property portals.

Why to consider Harrisons Get the Best Price for Your Home in 2022?

Here at Harrisons Homes we have been helping people locally to get the best price in every type of market for years.  If you would like to find out what else makes us different, call our team on 01795 474848.

Tag: How to Get the Best Price for Your Home

Has your house been on the market for a while with not so much as the hint of an offer? Or have you only received offers far below the property’s market value? Then read our guide to 5 mistakes you may be making if your home isn’t selling

1. Your home is poorly presented

A messy, clutter-filled property sends all the wrong signals to potential buyers. Put yourself in the buyers shoes, does your home have kerb appeal? Make it look appealing outside, mow the lawn, weed the beds, clean the windows and doors and remove any rubbish.  Then, continue inside.  Clear the clutter, put some things into storage if possible.  Give buyers the opportunity to see how they may live and use the space.

2. Poor Marketing

Properties should be marketed directly to motivated buyers whose requirements match your property. Viewings should be kept to motivated buyers who are in a position to make an offer only.  Ensure your property is being marketed outside of the the portals, it should be sent to your agents database of buyers looking for a property that matches yours. It should also be shared on social media and via the agents website.

When it is listed on the portals

Many homes get lost then they are listed on the property portals.  Potential buyers have access to hundreds of properties to consider online. If your property doesn’t stand out, they will swipe past.  At the very least your home needs multiple high-quality photo’s, detailed information and floor plans.

3. Buyers not viewers

Many properties in the current market place are attracting many viewings.  This feels like a good thing until you think about who is coming through your door to view your home. Are the viewings from buyers? Buyers that have their own property under offer and have finances in place?  If they are cash buyers, does this mean that they have demonstrated they have cash in place to purchase? Or will they have to sell a property in order to buy yours for cash?

Ensure you have viewers that are able to buy before they view.  Not only is this less work and disruption for you, it’s also a legal requirement during Covid-19 restrictions.

4. The asking price is too high

One of the most common mistakes for homeowners struggling to sell is they have set the asking price too high. This can make it difficult to secure viewings, let alone offers. Properties that are priced too high and then reduced can take months longer to sell than those priced accurately in the first place.  Ask prospective agents about how many price reductions they have done in the last six months in your area.  If, in the current market this is quite high, it should be an indication that their is something wrong in their valuation process and this can cost you money if your house doesn’t sell swiftly

5. A Poor Estate Agent

The choice of estate agents can be overwhelming, from traditional high street agents to online operators. But not all agents are created equal. If yours isn’t proactive in securing viewings, has poor customer management skills or has too many clients to handle, your property will take longer to sell.  Always check reviews and ask for recommendations when selecting an estate agent to sell your home.

Read our guide How to compare Estate Agents to give you more help and advice on choosing the right agent for you