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When we start looking back at 2021, one word leaps to mind – exceptional!

Ask any Estate Agent how their year has been and they would all have to agree that it’s been very unusual compared to normal.  The housing market has been very busy.  Properties have been “flying out the door” often within days of coming onto the market. The end of the the stamp duty holiday has had little impact on demand or lowering house prices.

Continued Safety

Looking back to this time last year, it’s hard to remember that as 2021 started, the UK was in lockdown due.  Despite being in a similar situation currently, it does look as though, for the moment at least, we will begin 2022 without a lockdown in England.  However, keeping people safe and reducing the possibility of spreading infection is something we are very much committed to.

We will continue to only conduct viewings on properties with people that are able to make an offer. This is inline with Government and industry guidance.  We believe this way of working, not only keeps everyone safe, it also works much better for our clients.  They want to know that everyone walking through their door is in a position to make an offer, and they do.  With the market being so busy and this method of conducting viewings, we are currently tying up sales within 16 days.

If you are thinking about moving and are looking to find to find a home before you put yours on the market, we are happy to provide you with video tours and any information you may require.  But, we would really recommend you list your home for sale before you physically view anything.  With homes selling so swiftly, you are likely to be very disappointed if you find without having an offer agreed on your own home.

An exceptional year for Harrisons Homes Estate Agents

Looking back at 2021, it’s hard to pick out the highlights, there have been so many!  We started the year with a brand new fresh image, following a major re-brand.   With our new look we have sponsored local events and we hope to do more in 2022.  We also introduced Thank You hampers for our buyers and clients. That are packed for of gifts from local suppliers, including our own Harrisons Beer!


In May this year we were over the moon to hit our target of raising £10,000 for local children’s bereavement charity Holding On Letting Go.  We achieved this figure through a combination of fundraising and by donating £50 from every sale we complete.  We have been very moved by the work this charity does. Their services have been really stretched as we have adapted to living through a pandemic.  Children and many families have struggled to cope with their grief when restrictions have limited visits to the dying, or being able to attend funerals.  Therefore, we are committed to continuing our support and as of today, we have raised a total of £14,250

Laptops for Schools

With successive lockdowns and home schooling. The shortage of technology available to schools has been highlighted over the past couple of years.  Unfortunately, there has been no support from government to make these accessible to schools.  Step in Stephen Brown from SJB Consulting, who following the tragic death of his wife, Sam, wanted to fundraise in her memory.  Stephen came up with a computers for schools fundraiser backed by Agents Giving.  For every 20 houses sold by Harrisons, we will donate a laptop to a school in Swale.  We are delighted that this has been matched by Shore Way Marketing, meaning that we are able to donate a laptop with every TEN houses sold.

Innovative Estate Agency

For too long the property industry has been stuck in a rut, with many agents just replicating what other agents are doing. There is too much focus on winning instructions from competitors. An over reliance on portals and poor sales progression due to their focus being on listings rather than sales. This approach is not in the interest of clients or the industry in general.

We believe the industry is changing, we are committed to changing people’s perception of the industry and improving the image of estate agents.  We are proud to be members of The Federation of Independent Agents, which is an organisation made up of the best independent agents in the country.  Members all work together, supporting each other, sharing ideas and providing training.  We believe this collaborative approach will drive up standards, and is very much the future of the industry.

Gazeal Reservation Agreements

Currently in the UK one third of every property sale agreed falls through before it gets to completion.  With the current way we buy and and sell houses in England there is no commitment from either buyer or seller to complete on a sale.  They can drop out at any time, without a genuine reason.  Having a reservation agreement in place makes the sale more secure and this is why Harrisons have one of the lowest sale fall through rates in the UK.  

We believe in 2022 reservation agreements will become more commonplace as the government currently recommends them in their “How to Sell” guides and they are re-visiting organising pilots of using reservation agreements with a view to making them a legal requirement in the UK.  Harrisons were one of the first agents to embrace and recommend using reservation agreements and we have used them on over 100 sales this year

You don’t even have to be local or a client of Harrisons. We can arrange a reservation agreement on any property sale in the UK. Call out team for further information on 01795 474848.

Heads Up Property Alerts

There has been an over reliance on property portals in recent years.  As such, we market our properties “behind the scenes” initially.  This gives our buyers a chance to view and offer before they go onto the internet.  This way of marketing really works. Many houses have sales agreed long before they are due to be published to the portals.  By targeting buyers that are able to make a solid offer, we are able to negotiate the best price.  This is why we are currently achieving 102% over the asking price on average for our clients.

Due to the success of this method of selling homes we have set up Heads Up Property Alerts, where buyers can register for details of properties that are coming onto the market, before they go live, giving them the option to view before anyone else.  To register, simply complete our online form (you can opt out at any time) or join our Heads Up Property Alerts Facebook Group.

Our Team

None of our successes this year would have been possible without our incredible team.  2021 has welcomed three new members of staff.  Viv Parker as a property professional , Holly Mills as our PA and Pauline Clark as our dedicated in house Sales Progressor.  All three feel as though they have been here forever. They also all share our ethos in terms of outstanding customer service and values.

All of our staff receive continual professional training and undertake industry recognised qualifications.  We believe this is an integral part of raising standards and that qualifications should be compulsory within the housing industry.  After all, we are trusted to help sell what is arguably the biggest asset owned by many. We think estate agents should be qualified to do this.


Finally, we couldn’t look back over 2021 without mentioning the awards we have one.  It’s been an incredible year for us in this respect. We have won SIX awards and have been shortlisted for one.

Predictions for 2022

So, as we close the door on 2021 and reflect. We have to ask ourselves what our thoughts are for the year ahead and what we think could happen over the next twelve months.   If you would like to hear about our predictions for 2022 check out our latest blog

All that remains, is that we say a heartfelt thank you for your support over the last year.  Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to read our posts and blogs.  We wish you and those you love a happy, healthy 2022


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You may have seen Harrisons Homes have been in the news recently with another incredible achievement.  We have achieved the impressive milestone of 100 Property Sales Being Secured By Reservation Agreements.  Harrisons are the second agent in the UK to achieve this target. As well as being one of only a handful of agents that offer their clients peace of mind by offering these type of agreements.  We are in no doubt that having these agreements in place has contributed to us having one of the lowest fall through rates in the UK. Just 4% compared to the national average of 33%.

What is a reservation agreement?

Reservation agreements are legally binding guarantees that commit the buyer and seller to proceeding with the deal once the offer has been agreed. Both parties agree to the terms under which the deal can be broken. They both pay a deposit, to seal the deal. If the deal is broken by either party for reasons other than those agreed, there is a penalty that must be paid to compensate the other.

It works like this:
The buyer views the property, and express’ an interest that they are considering making an offer.
The seller has already completed a buyer information pack. This is then sent to the buyer to review before an offer is made.  A better-informed buyer is less likely to pull out. And more likely to be bold in putting forward their best offer.
Once an offer is agreed. It is reserved, to protect you from Gazumping/Gazundering. You’ll be safe in the knowledge that your property sale is secure before legal exchange of contracts.

Is this the future the housing market?

We believe reservation agreements will become the norm for property sales in the future.  Before the pandemic hit, the UK government were at the point of running a trial of reservation agreements.  Unfortunately this was cancelled due to Covid-19.
However, property technology company Gazeal created their own reservation agreements, which have now helped people to buy and sell over £200 million worth of property in the past two years. Now government and many industry bodies are very interested in how this was done.
Last Friday, Bryan Mansell, the chief executive of Gazeal, met with the Department of Levelling Up, Housing and Communities as they review the merits of going ahead with a trial.  

The call for the change in law and for the introduction of reservation agreements has been picking up a lot of support recently.  The past 18 months in the housing market have been unprecedented. The flaws in the current system have been more obvious to see.  We believe these agreements are the future as do many others.

National newspaper, The Times, has launched a campaign called “Get Britain Moving: Speed up. Streamline. Save money”.  With two main objectives: to reduce uncertainty by calling for the introduction of reservation agreements (making offers legally binding) and greater transparency through the use of digital innovation to create a faster, more secure and less stressful way to buy property.

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So you’ve done your online valuation.  Got your finances in place, know what you can afford.  Decluttered and finished off your DIY todo list.  You now think you are ready to sell your home.  All you have to do now, is choose and estate agent.   If you are thinking of selling your home, here are 10 questions to ask your estate agent:

  1. What is you average time for selling a property?
  2. What percentage of the original asking price are you achieving for your sellers?
  3. What percentage of properties do you reduce from the original asking price?
  4. What is your timeframe from agreement of sale to completion?
  5. What are you doing to offer security to any sales agreed?
  6. What do you do differently to other agencies?
  7. What is your marketing strategy?
  8. What is your success rate for selling properties?
  9. How do you ensure all buyers are financially qualified to proceed with a house purchase?
  10. How long is your contract and can you explain the terms of your notice period?



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How Long Does it Take to Sell a House?

In 2021 the average time to sell a house in the UK, from offer being agreed to completion is just over 11 weeks, 81 days to be exact.  Here at Harrisons Homes we are agreeing sales within 16 days of going to the market.  So from listing to completion you are looking at 97 days, or 13.9 weeks.

However, it can take longer for homes in poor condition or that are an unusual building. Additional factors, such as the time of year and the “heat” of the market can also affect how long it takes to sell a property. Last year houses took longer to complete due to the backlog of house sales caused by the first lockdown in March and the pressure on conveyancing as a result of the demand caused by the stamp duty holiday.

My House Is Not Selling – What should I Do?

If you’ve identified that your house sale is sticking, here are some suggestions of what you can do to increase your chances of finding a buyer and selling your home.

  • Asking price. Sadly, some agents, who are financially rewarded for the number of houses they put up for sale, rather than the number of houses they sell. can inflate their valuation in a bid to get your business. This can result in a high asking price that puts people off.  Very few people will put in a “cheeky offer” on a house that they believe is overpriced.  Take a look at similar properties (size, location, condition, etc.) that have sold recently in your area.  Then look at those that have been sitting on the market for some time. This is a simple way that you can research prices and should give you a good idea if you’ve priced your home too high.
  • Switch estate agents. Currently houses are selling very quickly.  If your home hasn’t sold within four weeks it’s time to have a serious conversation with your estate agent.  Ask for their advice and suggestions to get your house infront of active buyers who are able to make an offer.  You should only have buyers coming through your door for a viewing that are either chain free, under offer or true cash buyers.  If you aren’t satisfied with how your agent is performing, you can switch.  Shop around and ask friends for recommendations. There are also some helpful estate agent comparison tools online. Try to understand why your current agent isn’t getting results.  Then take your list of expectations to some different agencies to find one that can serve you better.
  • Prepare Your Home for Viewings. Make sure that the property is de-cluttered and clean for viewings.  Consider staging the rooms, for example, placing fresh flowers around your home, lay the table for meals.  Or, with so many people working from home, create a designated home office space.  When it comes to presenting your home for viewings, the little touches really help.
  • Ask for feedback. Asking potential buyers for feedback after viewings can provide valuable insight into why the property isn’t selling.  Consider what they are saying with this feed back. For example, if people are people put off by the messy garden. It is worth spending a little time or money giving it a good tidy.
  • Vet Offers Before Accepting. If you receive multiple offers, consider the bidders’ circumstances and how much they are willing to pay for your property. Do they have an agreement in principle from a mortgage company? Are they in a property chain, or are they a cash buyer? Opt for the buyer who is most likely to see the deal through to completion. Over the one who makes a high offer but is part of a lengthy chain or has yet to secure the finance they need.

Act Today

In a perfect world, the home selling process would be straightforward and quick. You’d list your home for sale, schedule viewings, receive multiple offers, and sell your home fast and above list price. Unfortunately, selling your house isn’t always that simple and your home could end up sitting on the market longer than you anticipated.

If you are concerned about the amount of time that it is taking to sell your house, why not give our team a call on 01795 474848 for some no obligation, no pressure to switch to us, just some honest advice.

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You need to get your property valued?  You may have heard of our virtual valuation service but not really know what it is or why it would benefit you.

We offer three different types of valuations.  Instant, virtual and our face to face home valuation.

The Instant Valuation

Our instant valuation does exactly what it says.  Enter your address and number of bedrooms and our system will send you a instant figure giving you an indication of the value of your home based on local data and previous sales data.  It’s a good basic guide, but doesn’t take into account any home improvements you may have made or the standard of the finish.

To get a true idea of the value of any property we really need to physically see it to take into account your home improvements and how marketable your home is.

The Virtual Valuation

Having a face to face valuation isn’t always possible. Especially during these times of Covid and people needing to social distance.  It’s not always practical to have someone in your home.

Or, it may be, that you simply don’t want estate agents coming into your home, competing for your business.  You may want to take time to consider your sale before you go into the market.

Harrisons Homes have developed our virtual valuation service where you are able to submit details of your property including photos and a video if you wish.  You are able to highlight exactly what makes your home unique.  After you have submitted your details, a member of our team will contact you with our valuation.

There will be no hard sell, no pressure to sign up there and then.  We will send you marketing emails, which you can unsubscribe from at any time.

Stay in Control

Once you have an accurate valuation of what your property is worth, you can decide when and if you sell.  You won’t have us chasing you weekly, asking if you are ready to go onto the market yet.  If you want to get us out for a face to face valuation at a later date, you can.  However, this is not essential.  We are so confident in our virtual valuation that we can, if you wish, put your home up for sale without setting foot inside it.

If you would like to see for yourself how our virtual valuation works and give it a try, click on our virtual valuation tool

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How to get the best price for your home, may be something that is concerning you if you are thinking of moving home next year.  You may feel like you have missed out on the boom in house prices and demand that we have seen in 2021.  All of this talk of the rising cost of living, increases in mortgage rates and so on has got you feeling like you have missed out on getting the best price for your home.

House Prices in 2022

In our recent blog, “are property prices going down?” We discuss how the housing market is predicted to perform next year.  Even with these negative factors affecting affordability, house prices are still predicted to rise next year.

That said, anyone thinking of moving next year needs to be prepared and savvy about their sale.  To get the best price for your home, you need to be thinking about your sale now

When to be “sale ready”

Traditionally, the best time to sell your home is in the spring, winter is normally a slower period.  However, January is usually a very busy month for property listings.  In 2022 it’s probably best to look at the current market, rather than traditional trends.

To achieve the best price for your house next year, there is no doubt that you need have it listed for sale in the first quarter of the year.  This is when the highest rise in house prices will happen, before the affordability issues come into play.

If you want to maximise your chances of getting the best price for your home, start thinking and planning now by doing the following:

  • Gather together any house related paperwork.  Remember to include HM Land Registry title documents. Energy Performance certificate.  Gas and electrical safety checks.  Planning permission and building regulation completion certificates and builder’s guarantee certificates for alterations or additions.  FENSA or CERTAS certificates for windows. Subsidence guarantees/warranties. Damp guarantees/warranties. Party wall agreements (if relevant).  Any title insurance policies you may have taken out to solve title defects.
  • Estate agents and mortgage companies are required by law to check your identity to prevent money laundering.  Ensure you have the relevant ID documents.  You will need a photo proof of identity such as a drivers licence or passport.  Along with a proof of address such as a bank or utility statement.  A full list of acceptable ID documents can be found on the government website
  • Clear the clutter.  This can make a massive difference when selling a property.  Clear away all clutter to leave rooms feeling spacious and clean.  Consider putting some items into storage.
  • Consider your kerb appeal.  Houses do not look their best over the winter months.  However, it’s the perfect time to make a list of jobs to improve your jerk appeal.  Does anything need painting? Fix and clear getters. Does the garden need a tidy? do you need to wash nets and curtains?
  • Finish any unfinished DIY projects.  This may put off potential buyers.
  • Get finances in place.  With mortgage rates currently very low, get your mortgage in principal agreed.  This will give you an idea of your budget and put you in a good position once your home goes under offer.
  • Research estate agents.  Before you get a valuation on your home, it is important to make a shortlist of which agents are performing best in your local area

Getting valuations

Before putting your home on the market, invite your shortlist of agents to value your home.  With Coronavirus looking likely to be with us for a while yet, you may be uncomfortable inviting agents into your home.  Ask about socially distanced valuations, this will give you a good indication of your properties value before you go onto the market.

When to put your home onto the market to get the best price

In order to get the best price possible for your home in 2022, ideally you want to sell it within the first quarter of the year.  Good estate agents are currently selling houses in just over two weeks on average.  Therefore, the ideal time to start marketing your home is January, certainly no later than mid February.

To prevent any disappointment, ensure you do not have a contract of longer than four weeks with any estate agent.  If an agent is confident in their valuation, they will not tie you into a long contract length.  If your home doesn’t sell quickly, ensure your agent is being proactive, marketing to active buyers and not just to those on the property portals.

Why to consider Harrisons Get the Best Price for Your Home in 2022?

Here at Harrisons Homes we have been helping people locally to get the best price in every type of market for years.  If you would like to find out what else makes us different, call our team on 01795 474848.

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Are property prices going down? This is the question everyone is asking right now.  After such a busy year which has been driven by the Stamp duty holiday, low mortgage rates. Plus the so called “race for space” as people reassess their home requirements following effects of the Covid-19 pandemic, multiple lockdowns and home working. Properties are being snapped up by eager buyers, sometimes within days of coming onto the market.  Demand is so high, that house prices have been driven upwards by an average of 6.9% so far this year., according to property portal Zoopla, 2021 has been the busiest market since 2007.

With so much activity, and so many people taking advantage of the stamp duty holiday, surely demand will cool in 2022 and with that, so will property prices?

The housing market in 2022

Zoopla’s recent report into the housing market has identified that currently 22% of people want to move. Compare this to a normal market which has around 5% of people wanting to move and you will get an idea of why buyer demand is so high, and why house prices are continuing to rise.

As people continue to review their options.  The pandemic-induced search for space will continue to be a driving force within the marketplace.  The ability to work from home has opened up opportunities for many office workers who are now able to move further afield to improve their work life balance.

Low mortgage rates have enticed many first time buyers to the market, desperate to get their feet on the first rung of the property ladder.

Additionally, many home owners have built up significant equity in their homes over the past 18 months and they want to cash in.

The current shortage of stock is also driving prices up, this looks set to continue well into 2022.

The downside of this is that the cost of living is rising rapidly.  Mortgage rates are expected to increase  next year, along with taxation.  This will affect affordability for many. This in turn will see demand start to slow and house prices cool a little.

However, predictions are, that due to the factors above, house price growth is expected to end 2022 at three 3%.

Swales’ housing market

Properties in Swale have an average house price of £288,874.  This is predicted to rise to £297,540 based on an increase of 3%. However, due to it’s close proximity to London and being surrounded by both coast and countryside. Swale has seen house prices increase beyond the national average in recent years.  Based on this, the average house price in Swale will be past the £300K mark by the end of 2022.

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You will have no doubt seen in the news that Covid-19 rules are being tightened, as the new Omicrom variant of the virus has been identified and cases continue to rise.  With this in mind, we would like to remind everyone of our Covid-19 Policy.  As keeping our staff and the public safe is our top priority.  We ask that anyone visiting our Sittingbourne office wears a mask and uses the hand sanitiser provided with immediate effect.

Covid-19 Safe Viewings

We will continue to only do viewings with buyers who are in a position to make an offer and buy the property.  To keep everyone safe, we keep viewings to a minimum, just allowing serious buyers to view.  If you property is not sold, or you cannot demonstrate that you have funds in place to purchase the property, you will not be able to attend a viewing.

On the day of the viewing

  • We will require you to confirm you are showing no symptoms of Covid-19
  • Viewers will have to provide their own PPE and will be required to wear a mask at all times
  • We will be working to strict times at the viewings. Unfortunately if you are late for your viewing you will be unable to view the property.
  • Only two adults will be able to view the property. If you have children, we can show one adult at a time while the other remains with the children in the car.
  • You should avoid touching surfaces wherever possible, wash your hands regularly and/or use hand sanitiser. If you have no child care options and require small children accompanying you on viewings, please advise us prior to the viewing to ensure we have made safe provisions for this.

Covid-19 Safe Virtual Valuations

Harrisons Homes offer a comprehensive socially distanced valuation.  You are asked to complete a form, giving as much information as possible about your property.  You can also upload photos.  Then one of our team will contact you within 24 hours, with our valuation.  After this, we will not contact you on a regular basis asking if you want us to market your home.  You will be subscribed to our mailing list that will send regular market updates. You can unsubscribe from this at any time.

Keep safe at home

If you are thinking of selling or looking to buy your next home. You can make a start from the safety of your own home.  In addition to the virtual valuation tool Harrisons have created a home finders service called Heads Up Property Alerts which notifies interested buyers of relevant properties that are new to the market, BEFORE the are listed on the property portals.

You can also follow us on social media, either Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Linkedin for the latest from Harrisons Homes

Our full Covid-19 Policy can be viewed from this link

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“All estate agents advertise in the same places”

If you have ever been told by an agent that all estate agents advertise in the same place, this is one blog you may want to read.

Every estate agent marketing in the same place, in the same way, may have been the case a few years ago. But in today’s housing market, this couldn’t be further from the truth.  If an agent says this in their pitch for your business, they are out of touch with today’s buyers.  There is no way that this agent is going to do an outstanding job, when it comes to selling your home.

The legacy of the property portals

Up until the last few years, it was generally accepted by both the public and by agents that portals such as Rightmove, Zoopla, On The Market, etc. mattered in the property market.  The wealth of new portals that have been added to the list in the past couple of years, would at first glance, appear to confirm this as very much being the case.  If an agent discusses with you how they are listed on all the major portals, this is a good thing, portals are a tool in an estate agents marketing toolkit.

However, if an agent tells you that their competitor isn’t on one or more the major portals, do not assume this is a bad thing. Nor should you discount the competitor.

The perception that you have to be listed on all of the major portals to show it to the most people and get the best price. Therefore it doesn’t matter which estate agent puts your home on the market as all estate agents advertise in the same place (ie the portals).

If this was the case, why do agents fees vary so? why do they claim they can sell your home faster, smarter and for a better price than their competitors?

If estate agents advertise in the same place, then all estate agents get the same result?

If we were all fishing from the samel pool of buyers. Waiting for one of them to get “hooked” on our listing. Surely buyer demand would be for us to all charge the lowest fee possible.  Therefore, no agent would be better than another at selling. There would be no skill involved, no strategy. It would all be down to gaining listings of properties and getting the listing price right.

Sadly, this is why some agents are focused (and rewarded via their commisson) on the amount of properties they get onto the market. As opposed to being rewarded for the amount of homes they sell.

Agents have become quite reliant on Rightmove and the like.  Properties that are listed straight onto the portals are only showing to the buyers who are registered with those portals.  These buyers are looking at every property listed that day, regardless of which agent shared it.  With the lack of houses coming onto the market currently, when a good, correctly priced house that meets their needs is listed, they will call in for a viewing. As will everyone else that sees that house go online.

There are lots of potential buyers that are waiting for a house like yours to be listed. All you have to do is select an agent that will make your house look at good as possible online. Then all being well you’ll get lots of viewings. Followed by a flood of offers and you’ll sell you house for well in excess of the asking price, right?


Buyers now browsers

The potential reach of the portals is huge, the trouble is they cast their net wide and pull everything in. Signed up for portal alerts are not just good to go buyers. By good to go we mean one’s that have all of their finances in place. Who have sold their own home or have no property to sell.  The portals bring those that are not yet “good to go” The people who have a property that is on the market but not yet under offer. People who want to find somewhere before they put their property on the market. The people who like to see what’s on the market locally to get an idea of what their property is worth.  The day dreamers, and of course the nosey neighbours.

The proportion of people that are able to put in an offer may be small compared to everyone that is signed up to the alert. Buyers that are ready to offer are there and they will snap up any suitable house that comes along as quickly as they can.  An agent that markets properties through portals alone would argue if the buyers are there, why do I need to do anything else?

This is true, but some buyers have moved on…

Savvy, buyers that are snapping up property

Rightmove and co have been around for 15+ years in mainstream estate agency. Whilst it’s sounds like it’s still young, think how attitudes and technology have moved on in that time. Even if you only consider that the introduction of the smart phone, apps  and social media.

Buyers are no longer all lurking in one place. Waiting for a portal alert to notify them of something new that’s come onto the market.  They have moved on.  They want to see property before it hits the portals and has fierce competition, particularly in today’s busy market place. These buyers are not waiting, they are finding new ways to find properties ahead of the competition.  They have everything in place to ensure that when their dream home comes onto the market that they are in the ideal position to make a genuine offer. And, if that offer is accepted, that they are able to proceed with the purchase.

Busy people

Whilst these buyers are proactive, motivated and want to buy. They are also busy people.  They don’t want to be ringing agents asking what properties the have coming up. Or viewing properties that don’t match their criteria, because the agent strongly recommended they took a look.

These buyers want solutions. The solution being a suitable property that matches their budget and requirements, delivered to their phone/device before it is shown to other competitive buyers that are still waiting for a property alert to go off.  These buyers are wanting to buy homes before they go online to the portals.

Innovative Estate Agents

In recent years, estate agent suppliers and technology firms have been developing technology to streamline the housing industry and make the role of a agent more proactive. Giving them additional platforms to find buyers and engage with them. The “PropTech” industry has sped up with the arrival of Covid-19 and the need to limit viewings and/or conduct them remotely.

Early adopters of the wealth of technology that is out there currently, have seen massive changes in the way they sell houses.  One of the biggest changes is the speed in which they can reach serious buyers.  Many agents are now reporting that they are selling properties before they are listed online.  Some agents are ditching the portals all together.

Innovation and technology are making some huge changes to the property industry currently.  We think it’s a very exciting time.  Which can only raise standards, and enable us to give a better service to their clients. There maybe some agents that say it’ll never change. All buyers will remain with the portals and the new technology is a fad or gimmick.  But then, there were many agents, not so long ago that said the property portals would never take off either!


At Harrisons Homes we sell the majority of our properties “behind the scenes”. Before they are listed on the property portals.  We do this via our Heads Up Property Alerts service and via our social media networks. We know that not all buyers are tech savvy. But we also know that motivated buyers will want to know what is new to the market. So we ensure we keep a personal touch for those that would prefer a phone call.

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Selling your home is a big deal, it’s not something to be rushed into.  There is a lot to consider.  What will you gain from a move? were will you move to? what are your key requirements? the list goes on and on. Then you get to the questions about finances.  To work out what you can afford, with or without borrowing, you will need to get and idea of what your own home is worth, but you are not ready to have your home valued in person, because you are still at the research stage and, quite frankly, you know once you invite agents in to value your home, they will be subjecting you to the hard sell, wanting you to get onto the market now, even though you are not yet ready to do so.

What are we afraid of?

Let’s be honest, the image many of us have of an estate agent coming to value our home is not great.  In they come, armed with masses of literature, some to support their valuation and some “to leave with you” explaining why they are the only agent in the land that can sell your home, at that price, faster and smarter than their competition.

Despite when you booked the visit, being assured that they understood you were not ready to put your home on the market, the agent starts with the hard sell.  Explaining why you should sign up today, why now is the right time to be on the market, even being offered a discounted fee if you sign on the dotted line now.

And if you found the strength and energy to resist signing up. Just as you have decluttered all of the agents brochures and Rightmove reports. The phone starts to ring and ring and ring

“have you has any more thoughts around your property sale yet?”

“I wanted to tell you about a great new deal we have on”

“We have a family who are sold, they will buy your home”

Sound familiar?

No wonder people are reluctant to invite agents into their homes until they are ready to go onto the market!

Research, without the hassle

There is no better way to get an indication of what your house is worth than having an in person valuation by a reputable estate agent.  However, there may be many reasons why you are not yet ready to have a face to face valuation yet.  It could be the fear of being in the scenario above.  You may need works done on the property before it’ is ready to value.  You may be clinically vulnerable and worried about having people come into your home with Covid-19 infection rates rising, or you name be very emotionally invested in the property and you just aren’t ready it put it on the market yet.

One solution to getting an indication of what your property is worth, is by using an online valuation tool

Whilst these tools give you an instant idea of what your home may be worth.  They may not be that accurate. As they cannot take into account the finish of your home. Improvements that may appeal to buyers.  Nor can they keep up with a fast market, such as the one we are in now.

A virtual valuation

To get a much better idea, we have our virtual valuation  The virtual valuation is a form that you can complete. It asks for more specifics about your property to enable us to give a more informed valuation. You can even upload photo’s.  Once you have submitted the form, we will call you back within 24 hours with your valuation, which will be followed up with an emailed report.

After you have your valuation and report. We wont call you daily/weekly asking if you are ready to go into the market again.  You can even unsubscribe from our newsletters.

Giving you time and space to make an informed decision on the next chapter of your life